Spring is here! If you have ordered an Otherworlds Native Landscape in a Box, now is the time to start preparing your space for your new habitat. View our simple Site Preparation Guide below for information on how to get your space, whether that's turf, dirt, weeds, or in-between, ready to go.

  • A drawing of red flowers and green prairie grass


    Otherworlds boxes can be used in garden beds in place of non-native species. Our boxes have vibrant flowers and grasses for a dense, beautiful landscape.

  • A drawing of prairie grass, red flowers, and tall purple flowers


    Our boxes can be used for patio boxes and planters, so you can create pollinator-friendly gardens at any scale.

  • A drawing of prairie grass


    Otherworlds' goal is to encourage Denver residents to say farewell to their turf lawns. Our boxes are designed specifically for lawn conversion. Buy as many or as few boxes needed for your specific space—all boxes can cover up to 180 sq ft of space.


Bluegrass based lawns, like those found in most yards and parks, are expensive to maintain, ecological dead zones and some of the heaviest water users in the country.

In fact, Denver Water estimates lawn irrigation accounts for 50 percent of single-family homes’ total water use. Meaning watering our lawns uses almost a quarter of Denver's water (1). 

But turf lawns aren't just water heavy, they are also a significant contributor to our carbon emissions. According to the EPA, off-road gasoline-powered equipment, like lawn mowers and leaf blowers, emit approximately 242 million tons of pollutants annually, just as much as cars and homes (2).

Native habitats, or turf alternatives like those provided by Otherworlds boxes, are low-water, resilient landscapes that are not only suited to Colorado's current climate, but are a response to warmer weather and less rain.

This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.
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